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michael rütten is it trip hop revival? at least silky days sounds a bit like. but having said this, there is so much more to this project by johanna klein and johannes klingebiel. brilliant forward thinking kind of house disco music by the next generation
Silky Days 03:35
Sense 07:13
Pipe Dreams 07:13


Ancient Future Now co-runner Johannes Klingebiel joins forces with singer and multi-instrumentalist Johanna Klein (known for her alternative pop project Liv Alma) to fuse into JKJK. While the naming process of the project might look a little trivial (because it is), the music of the pair is anything but. Their debut EP „Constellations“ is a splash of a broad color palette thrown onto the monochrome landscape that is our contemporary club music scene, elegantly hazing genre boundaries and creating their own world of pop-infused club music (or club-infused pop music?) in the process.

The BPM counter jumps erratically as we switch between the title track, which sounds like Donna Summer gone gritty downtempo house (yes, it works!), and follow-up „Rupture Of Two Souls“ with its delicate webs of synth structures building to an enormous emotional payoff in the third act. „Silky Days“ and „Water Strider“ might be those addictive tunes that never leave your daily listening playlists after hearing them the first time, with their effortless-seeming infusion of acoustic elements like guitar and drums evoking shades of the solo works of Thom Yorke or 90s Trip Hop á la Portishead or Massive Attack updated to 2020s aesthetics. „Sense“ and „Pipe Dreams“ are the most forward club-ready tunes of the pack, the former with its glitched-up vocals and saturated head-spinning straight-yet-odd beat patterns, and the latter with its beautiful ornamentalistic vocal and synth lines growing into increasingly complex and endearing structures over its seven minute runtime.


released December 1, 2023

Written, Performed & Produced by Johanna Klein & Johannes Klingebiel
Lyrics & Vocals by Johanna Klein
Mastered by Lopazz at
Cover Artwork by Lorenz Klingebiel


all rights reserved



ancient future now Cologne, Germany

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