Algo Para La Fiesta

by Suricata



Ancient Future Now is back for good with a full-fledged EP by Mexican talent Suricata. The Paris-based producer serves up two originals which are not only seriously groovy but actually have something to say! The title track „Algo Para La Fiesta“ takes a satirical swing at Mexican club culture, which is permeated by Narco drug cartels and double-edged condoning politics. The other one, „Dance Like You’re Protesting“ is commenting on male toxicity on the dancefloors in our oh-so equal underground club scene. So while the topics of the tunes are certainly heavy, Suricata still manages to wrap them up in extremely catchy tunes that immediately urge you to groove along when they’re on. The included remixes by label heads Alma & Mater and Johannes Klingebiel pick up the pace a notch and are certified house groovers for the peakier times of the night. Johannes plugs „Dance Like You’re Protesting“ into a straight deep house jacket with a hard hitting bassline and all, while Alma & Mater’s version of „Algo Para La Fiesta“ probably got a little high of its own supply with its mind-bending sample-chaos floating over a groove that somehow manages to hold it all together. Anybody else hear that phone ringing? It’s about revolution, baby!


released October 6, 2023

Written & Produced by Suricata
Mastered by Lopazz @
Designed by Studio Lorenz Klingebiel


all rights reserved



ancient future now Cologne, Germany

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